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Moya Museum


Back after a short hiatus of three years, I shall attempt to resume regular posts about new Second Life builds…


Prepare to be overstimulated!

Calling this an art build is like calling Earth a round thing with people on it.  Spanning four sims, the Moya exhibit celebrates the frenetic and exuberant artwork of French artist Patrick Moya (  You can ride a bullet train tour, join a revolt, enter a cartoon world within Second Life (:P) and tour a pyramid.  Clearly this guy is incredibly talented, funny, imbued with a frenzied energy and he should stay on his meds.

Inside Pyramid

There is a little bit of everything here, and it’s all great stuff!

You will need a cool cloth for your forehead and your graphics card after this one.  Make sure you tour the Pyramid!  Set to night and use the torch!  :)

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